Cyber Security Solutions

Think of all the ways you, your employees and your customers access your networks and data. Phones, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi connections and even smart devices are all potential avenues for entry into your networks and the data you store and send. Comprehensive protection is essential to a healthy business.

Nearly 60% of small businesses that are victims of cyber crimes closed permanently within 6 months of attack, *According to the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Fibertrain’s cyber security solutions can help protect your systems, and help minimize the possibility of your networks and customer data from getting hacked.

How Fibertrain Limited Manages Cybersecurity:

  1. Professional System Installation – Our cyber experts assess your security needs and install a solution that covers your network.
  2. Fast Response – If there’s an attempted breach, we immediately move to help stop it and keep you from getting hacked.
  3. 24/7 Monitoring – We keep a close eye on your networks day and night to quickly spot cyber attacks.
  4. Automatic System Updates – When there’s an update to your security software, we push it out to you automatically.

What is included in the Small Business Fibertrain’s Cybersecurity solution?
Our cybersecurity solutions offer:

  1. A next generation firewall device with deep-packet inspection capability to inspect all Internet traffic, including encrypted communications.Professional firewall installation by FCL technicians and network engineers.
  2. Premium content filtering service.
  3. A comprehensive and customizable weekly report to see all blocked threats, attacks denied, Internet use per user and other information.
  4. Add-on products like Secure Email and VPN services to complete the cybersecurity solution.