Ethical Hacking & Pen Testing Training

If you really want to become an ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts, then this ethical hacking and pen testing training course is for you.

What you’ll learn in this ethical hacking and pen testing training:

  1. Learn what is ethical hacking, its fields and the different types of hackers.
  2. How to Hack & secure both WiFi & wired networks.
  3. Hack secure systems using client-side and social engineering attacks.
  4. Install Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system.
  5. Install windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing.
  6. Learn Network Penetration Testing.
  7. Install hacking lab & needed software (works on Windows, OS X and Linux).
  8. Discover vulnerabilities & exploit them, hack into servers.
  9. Discover open ports, installed services and vulnerabilities on computer systems.
  10. Gain control over computer systems using fake updates.
  11. Secure systems from all the hacks/attacks shown.


  1. Basic IT Skills.
  2. No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.
  3. Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory.
  4. Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux

Who is the target audience?

  1. Help-desk/System administrators who are interested in learning ethical hacking/penetration testing.
  2. IT professionals who wants to learn how to secure their systems from hackers.

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