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cyber security tips for employees

A lot can be lost when a Network or a System is breached or hacked. Network or Servers can go down, or become unresponsive, Customers’ data gets leaked, and customers’ trust is lost, to cap it all, the Company gets a huge fine from the regulators. More

Our experienced team of Pentesters is highly skilled and passionate about meeting your Company’s security needs. Whether PCI-DSS, CIS Top 20, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, OWASP Top 10, or any other industry compliance standards, the skilled team of professionals will address your cybersecurity framework requirements comprehensively. More

We are equally enthusiastic about educating others. Our offerings include scheduled training events, private/corporate Training sessions, and personalized one-on-one training, catering to individuals seeking a more intimate learning experience. More



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Fibertrain is a leading Cybersecurity upskilling, certification, and talent assessment Company, enabling individuals, businesses, government institutions, and universities to sharpen their offensive and defensive security expertise.

We provide ideal solutions for cybersecurity professionals and organizations to continuously enhance their cyber-attack readiness by improving their red, blue, and purple team capabilities.

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Web Application Security

API Hacking & Security

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules and protocols that allows one software application to interact with another. APIs define how different software components should communicate, making it possible for diverse systems to work together seamlessly.

API security is crucial to protect sensitive data, maintain user trust, comply with regulations, and prevent financial and reputational damage. As digital ecosystems become more interconnected, securing APIs becomes an integral part of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. 

We will teach you how to detect Vulnerabilities in APIs and Fix them. read-more

SOC Level 1 - Security Analyst

Defensive Security, (Blue Team) is the process of protecting an organization’s network and computer systems by monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and remediating any potential digital threats.


 In this security analyst training, we will teach you how to Detect and analyze traffic anomalies, Monitor endpoints for threats, Utilize SIEM tools to handle incidents, and investigate forensic artifacts. more-details

Web Application Penetration Testing

offensive security is the process of breaking into computer systems, exploiting software bugs, and finding loopholes in applications to gain unauthorized access to them.


You will need to behave like a hacker to stop a hacker, and this means finding vulnerabilities in your IT Systems and recommending patches before a cybercriminal does. We will teach you how to detect vulnerabilities in a web Application. more-details


New To CyberSecurity - Start Right Here

Network Basics For Ethical Hackers

Computer Networks are one of the most fundamental skill sets necessary to become a master hacker. If you are just starting out in Cybersecurity, then this is where to begin your journey.

This course will teach you various network protocols, such as TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, DHCP, and others. Knowledge of these protocols is essential for identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. You will also learn how to analyze Network traffic using Wireshark. more-details

Linux Basics For Ethical Hackers

Gaining basic knowledge of the Linux Operating system is critical in becoming a professional ethical hacker, and it’s an invaluable skill you must have as a Cybersecurity professional.

This is Because it’s open-source, less prone to malware, lightweight, portable, and very compatible with multiple hacking tools, over 95% of the available tools are Linux-based.

Windows is a somewhat closed system so there are many things it doesn’t allow a hacker to do. We will teach you how to build a Linux Lab, configure the filesystem, assign permission, networking, app mgmt., etc. more-details

Active Directory Basics For Ethical Hackers

Microsoft Active Directory helps both small and large businesses to protect their business credentials, applications, and confidential data from unauthorized access.

Having a good knowledge of Active Directory helps to prevent malicious users from breaching your network and causing damage. 

We will teach you how to manage network users and devices using group policies, Configure account permissions, create a password policy that meets password security best practices, NTFS File permissions, schedule backups, and lots more. See more.

Why Choose Us

Start a Life Changing Career in Cybersecurity Today


Our team is made up of experienced Security professionals. We will teach you how to detect vulnerabilities in IT Systems, exploit the vulnerabilities, and further strengthen your Company's Cyber defenses to protect against black-hat hackers.

Interactive Course Materials

Apart from hands-on Labs and assignments. This training uses custom interactive quizzes to help you gauge your comprehension and reinforce key concepts.

Online/Offline Training

We Provide Practical Cybersecurity training in both offensive (ethical hacking) and defensive (Information security) domains in a variety of formats, including Live training in-person, online, and on-demand videos.

Securing The Cloud Resources

AWS Solutions Architect

Learn how to design, implement, and monitor Cloud infrastructures in the AWS. read-more

Azure Solutions Architect

Think of all the ways you, your employees and your customers access your networks and data. Phones, tablets, computers.

Cloud Security Engineer

Learning a new skill is hard, especially when it comes to tech. Technology seems to change every day, and with the pace of change.

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