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At FIBERTRAIN, we deliver complete range of PABX/IP-PBX phone systems suitable
for any modern business communication requirement. Our PBX solution offers extensive
integrated functions and features to meet any demanding application.

It’s a sophisticated solution that comes all-in-one complete PBX solutions.
Our IP-PBX solution offers built-in gateway capability to connect nearly
all telecom interfaces like FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, ISDN, PRI, T1/E1, GSM
and 3G. The solution comes with Registrar, Proxy, Voice Mail,
Presence and IM Servers.

PABX/IP-PBX Features:
Multi-Party Conference, Auto-Attendant, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port,
Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote Programming, and SMDR(CDR)
with a large buffer capacity etc. are built into the system.

Hospitality option:
Our Hospitality PABX/IP-PBX serves the specific requirements of Hotels, where specific
hospitality requirement is needed. Our hospitality portfolio includes PBX for
small hotel and motel, medium hotels and large hotels that can be installed
at retails chains, hospitals.