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In recent years, coding has become a skill that is more and more commonly seen as a desired skill in job descriptions. It’s no longer a skill that is wanted only for those working in IT departments.

Many companies are now looking for employees that know at least have a little bit of coding, regardless of the department they work in. This is because coders can do a lot to improve a business.

Computer programming is evolving and so are the languages that are used to develop software and applications. Different programming languages are used for different categories of developers.

Some languages are best for beginners, while others are more suited for advanced computer programmers. In addition, some languages are best for different use cases such as web apps, mobile apps and distributed systems.

The best way to determine what programming languages to learn is to know what skills you will need in order to be a successful computer programmer.

Popular and important computer programming languages based on necessity and application include:


  • Python – Python is considered the best beginner programming language. It is easy to learn and to deploy.
  • Java – Java has been a popular language for many decades. It is the official language for Android apps.
  • C/C++ – C and C++ are considered the foundational languages for many operating systems and file systems.
  • JavaScript – JavaScript is popular for front end developers because it helps make applications look clean and clear for the user.
  • Swift – Swift is a native iOS language and has been growing in popularity as Mac and Apple products become industry favorites.

Fibertrain Institute provides practical Computer Programming training in many programming languages, like Python, JavaScript…..

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