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Field Trip

3G/4G Training on RBS Installation, Commissioning and Troubleshooting

We are experts at 3G/4G training in Lagos Nigeria.
Here is a list of some of the things our trainees have done on site;

  1. Day 1:
    A site visit to a backbone site.
    Introduction to Ericsson’s RBS 6201 Cabinets.
    A break down of the different parts of the cabinet.
    Power Rectifier.
    Feeders, Jumper Cables termination.
    Huawei’s BBU 3900.
    Remote Radio Units connections.
  2. Day 2:
    A visit to a 2G/3G site for troubleshooting.
    Reason-heat exchanger failure.
    Installed new heat exchangers on 6102 cabinet.
    Reconfigured the DUG with 444 configuration.
    Restored the site to its normal operation.
  3. Day 3:
    Started work on DUW Ericsson for 3G.
    Installing the element manager application on the PC.
    Configuring the PC with the proper ip address.
    Login to the 3G DUW Ericsson with the element manager.
    Analyzed and cleared the alarm log.
  4. Day 4:
    Mastering the DUW Ericsson Commissioning steps.
    Cabinet equipment configuration.
    O&M Access configuration.
    Site equipment configuration.
  5. Day 5:
    Understanding Radio Building Blocks(RBB)
    Understanding Digital Building Blocks(DBB)
    Verifying the Radio network configuration on DUW Ericsson.
    Verifying the sector configuration.
  6. Day 6:
    Troubleshooting 6102 cabinet.
    With a site master, We were able to troubleshoot a sector failure.
  7. Day 7:
    Commissioning a 3G Cabinet
    Formatting the C & D on the DUW Ericsson.
    Loading the basic Package.
    Creating the CV.
    Loading the Cabinet Configuration.
    Uploading the O&M Access configuration.
    Uploading the Site equipment configuration.
  8. Day 8:
    Why Scratch a node?
    How to Scratch a node…
Working on the RBS Using Terminal Commands

Performing 3G Commissioning on RBS 6201 Cabinet

Preparing Heat Exchanger For Installation on Ericsson’s RBS 6102 Cabinet.

Launching the element manager software for RBS configuration.

Preparing the DUW For Commissioning: 1.Formatting the C & D on the DUW, 2. Loading the basic Package, 3. Creating the CV.

Microwave equipment installation Part of Our 3G/4G Training

Installing the Microwave Radio Indoor Unit(IDU) RTN 950 Commissioning

Understanding Microwave Outdoor Unit is Part of the 3G/4G Training

Preparing the Outdoor Unit(ODU) for Installation

Aviat IDU Configuration Is Part of Our 3G/4G Training

Preparing the Indoor Unit for commissioning