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VPN Solution

Fibertrain Limited is a leader that delivers quality VPN solution in connectivity and ICT system integration solutions. With our broad portfolio and huge experience, Fibertrain delivers connectivity and Integration services in Data, Voice and Video services in the following industries:

Oil & Gas

We offer Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution over Fiber optics and Satellite Networks. Our VPN solution allows organizations with multiple locations (branches, offices etc.) to connect and work together in a single private network.

Why VPN?

With VPN solution, geographic location of your branch offices is no longer a barrier to communication. Your team will seamlessly and easily communicate and use critical business applications remotely without boundaries.

FIBERTRAIN VPN solution empowers organizations with a cost effective way to improve performance through timely coordination and simultaneous running of business functions, including the use of common central database/ applications across all branches wherever they are located.

With Our VPN Solution, your organization will substantially reduce communication cost, keep branch offices securely connected and create reliable infrastructure and environment for your team to work smarter, faster, and better together, anywhere and anytime.

Secure Site-to-Site connectivity
Intranet services
Secure Remote Access
Dynamic Multi-point VPN (DMVPN)
Virtual Private Dial Network (VPDN)
Extranet or Business-to-Business services