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Video Conference

With today’s sales teams, Video Tele-conferencing system (VTC) has become a way of life for today’s
enterprise; in terms of real remote communication.
Today, most critical team members are often virtual or remote and there is a real need to bring them
together on a regular basis in an efficient, productive and cost-effective manner.
Whether the goal is to conduct business faster, save money and increase productivity,
effective collaboration by adding quality to all meetings, knowledge impartation, or
efficient decision-making, etc, FIBERTRAIN has a sophisticated and cost-effective,
yet professional HD Video Tele-conferencing system for you and your business,
that will deliver excellently even on a Low Bandwidth.

Now,you have the Solutions to connect anyone, anytime, anywhere over any network:

•Banking & Financial Services
•Managed Video Services
•Defense & Military Forces
•Courts & Legislative
•Retail & Manufacturing Industry
•Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs)
•Service Providers