Telecom Training

These Telecom Training Courses are carefully designed for those that want to actualize their dream in the field of telecommunication. Our instructors are certified and qualified to help you build a career in telecommunication. At the end of the telecom training, you should be able to plan and deploy an RF network, set up a point-to-point microwave link, install and commission Ericsson’s 2G and 3G cabinets, drive-test and optimize an RF network.

1. Three Months Advanced Diploma in Telecom

Course Outline:
TCP/IP Fundamentals
Transmission Engineering
2G (GSM) Engineering
3G (WCDMA) Engineering
4G (LTE) Engineering
1 month Field Trip
Price = ₦90,000

2. Practical Fibre Optics Training

Course Duration = 2 Weeks
Course Outline:
Health and Safety rules of Fibre Optics Cable Installation
Fundamentals of Fibre Optics Cables
Types Of Fibre Optics Cable
Intro to Fibre Optics Equipment
Different Splicing Methodologies
Preparation Of Fibre Cables in Odf and Closures
Fibre Optics Splicing Using A Splicing Machine
Termination Of Odf
Testing Of Fibre Cable Using OTDR
Testing Of Fibre Cable Using Power Metre & Light Source
Testing Of Fibre Cable Using Visual Fault Locator
Fibre Cable Maintenance Documentations
Price = ₦100,000

3. Drive Test Engineering Training

Course Duration = 4 Weeks
Course Outline:
Drive Test Fundamentals
Drive Test Tools
Installing Data Collection & Network Analysis Software
General Procedures Of Conducting a Drive Test
Script Writing in Ericsson’s Tems
Data Collection Process
Drive Testing a 2G Node
Drive Testing a 3G Node
Conducting Network Analysis and Reporting
Drive Test Result
Acceptance Testing
Price = ₦70,000

4. RF Safety Training

Course Duration = 2 Weeks
Course Outline:
RF Theory Of Operation
RF Site Safety & Law
Types Of RF Radiation
Introduction To Antennas & RF Sources
Analyzing Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)
How To Begin Hazard Assessment
Available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
RF Safety Models
Price = ₦50,000

5. CWNA (802.11) Training

Course Duration = 3 Weeks
Course Outline:
WLAN Fundamentals
Unlicensed Frequency Bands
802.11 Family Of Standards
802.11 Benefits
Wireless LAN Applications
Current Deployments
Wireless Network Design
Wireless Security
WLAN Implementation Scenarios & Market Opportunities
Price = ₦40,000