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Fibertrain’s Cisco Firewall Training has been designed to prepare participants in the configuration of Cisco ASA firewall with topics like NAT, access modes and more. Cisco is no doubt a global leader in providing networking and Security Hardware (Firewall) With its award winning ASA Firewall product lines (5500 and 5500-X models). Cisco ASA holds one of the top positions in the firewall hardware market today. Learning the Cisco Firewall Training therefore to deploy, configure, and administer the Cisco ASA Firewall will give you a competitive advantage as a professional in the networking and security field.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the Cisco Firewall Training;

  1. Getting Started with Cisco ASA Firewalls (User Interface, Access Modes, Software updates)
  2. Basic Firewall Configuration (Basic Configuration Steps)
  3. Understanding Security Levels (Traffic Flow between Security Levels)
  4. Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) for pre-8.3 and post-8.3 versions
  5. Configuring Port Address Translation PAT (Different types of NAT; Manual Nat, Auto NAT, Identity NAT.
  6. Configuring DMZ Networks
  7. Configuring and Using Access Control Lists (ACLs) using Network Objects
  8. Controlling Inbound and Outbound Traffic with ACLs

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