Technology Training

Learning a new skill is hard, especially when it comes to tech. Technology seems to change every day, and with the pace of change for technologies like the cloud,IoT, SDN, etc. it sometimes feels impossible to stay on top of everything.

We explain Complex technology topics  in the simplest way possible…    Including Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Routing & Switching. Microsoft technologies like MCSA & MCSE, Azure, Office 365, etc. Firewall technologies(Next Generation Firewalls)training from top Vendors like Cisco ASA, Watchguard, Fortinet,etc. Cyber Security Courses Like; Comptia Security+, System Security Certified Practitioner, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Incident Handler and Responder, Ethical Hacking, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), etc.

Benefits of Technology training and development for staff:
There are many potential benefits of investing in the IT/Technology  skills of your workforce. For example, staff training and development:

  1. helps your business run better – it makes your staff better equipped to use computer systems, handle customer enquiries or make a sale.
  2. helps staff acquire new skills – this can increase their contribution to your business, as well as their self-esteem and personal development
  3. enables staff to undertake new and different tasks – this can lead to job enhancements, promotion and increased motivation and job satisfaction
  4. helps staff gain confidence in their use of IT – this can increase their productivity and efficiency
  5. makes transition to new IT systems and technologies easier – for both your staff and customers
  6. makes your staff feel appreciated – they will see you investing time and money in their professional development, so retention and morale can increase.

Risks of not investing in Technology training;

If you don’t give your staff adequate IT training, they may not be able to use your IT systems efficiently. This can potentially lead to:

  1. business operations being disrupted
  2. efficiency and productivity falling
  3. staff becoming frustrated and unhappy
  4. deadlines being missed
  5. the business losing confidence in the new system

The more effort you put into training and supporting your staff, the greater the rewards. See more on the types of IT training available.